Neo (alternatively known as "misc", "neru" or "Vader") believed himself to be one of the most powerful and influential trolls of the Pokemon Solstice Forums, who caused a change in the staff list, and defaced a user. He believed he was a catalyst in derailing the course of the forums forever, however, he managed to do little to alter the course, and the forums would have most likely fallen with or without him, and is currently banned from all forum successors, most recently Ever Grande City. However, he is still seen frequenting the IRC channels #pokemonsolstice and #avisism

Solstice v1 and Prior

Neo emerged feigning innoncence as a new user on Solstice v1. Pretending he had good wishes for the community, he managed to mask his ill will by befriending notable members and a few of the staff, including Poke Pokey and Xiao Dre. However, before he could managed to fix himself into the infrastructure of the forums, the staff was alerted by Wormow and Tendo of Neo's past transgressions.

Prior to joining Solstice, Neo had joined Wormows forum, Pokestory, and caused havoc amongst it's users. Tendo ended up banning him, and he promised a vendetta against anyone Pokestory became associated with, leading to his arrival on Solstice in its early summer stages.

While on Solstice, Neo managed to cause havoc after tossing away his guise as a friendly user, revealing to the staff who he 'truly' was. Neo was banned after he made a thread calling the staff out for their 'autocratic' actions (a word Neo used to describe Solstice's staff ad nauseum.) This only worsened the situation, and Neo came back with multiple other friends (the validity of these accounts is still questioned) and decided to notify the community about the staffs wrongdoings. The staff kept banning Neo, but he would only return again under a different IP Adress. 

As the accounts kept flooding in, Hollow Abyss turned on Moderation. Tobi, feeling pressured by the continuos stress caused by Neo and his endless accusatios, decided to resign from the staff team. 

He had to come with terms that he's become a joke amongst the community, so he's resorted to talking trash about anyone who disagrees with him, throws out fake (and rather humorous) threats toward the community, and used members like Rucario to carry out his 'dirty work'.