Part of the logs from the flame war between Wikipedia and Sollux, pasted into Notepad.

This particular incident took place within the Solstice League and revolved around the 'downfall' of user Rooke/Wikipedia. Wikipedia was a tester for the Solstice League and was respected by most of the members of PSF. The first instance of drama he was involved in was when Metta World Peace criticized him for using an unreleased Pokemon the team he used to test potential gym leader candidates. The two got into a small argument, but all was well at the end of the day, and Wikipedia was soon promoted to Elite Membership. However, the peace did not last for long, Wikipedia started venting angrily about things that happened in real life, in his blog and eventually started to feud with Sollux Captor after Sollux had joked about how eager Wikipedia was, to talk to one of the younger members of the forums. Regardless, most of PSF still put up with Wikipedia's angrier side, which showed more and more ach day, until an eventful day in which Metta World Peace was battling an unskilled random user. Wikipedia commented about how it was odd to use a Special Attacking Garchomp, and Sollux joked that it would be expected from a random. Wikipedia then commented on how he was being "bitchy, as always" and a flame war between the two soon erupted. Eventually, Sollux pulled out, as Metta World Peace tried to intervene, but Wikipedia continued on with his rant. To prevent any further action, Metta World Peace logged everything Wikipedia had said about Sollux and the Solstice League, and banned WIkipedia, so that he couldn't abuse his power, while influenced by anger. The logs were then PM'd to Machu, and Wikipedia was stripped of his position in the Solstice League, as well as his server administrator powers, and was demoted from Elite.