The July 15th incident was a day that nearly tore apart Solstice. After many days of dark thoughts, one of the three admins, Skyler, snapped. Said snap led to near destruction of the boards, and there were a few members that were choosing a side with Skyler for a demerge. These users being Rucario, Wormow, and in some aspects, Ivan.

On July 15th, Skyler had been in a depression about the wellness of the past, and what the future was holding. Skyler then received a Private Message from Rucario. It was at first simple chats, however it soon turned into an evil plan - demerge of Solstice.

The plan was quite simple. convince Sableye that demerging would be best, and it would be all good.

Skyler had banned himelf earlier, but was then unbanned and joined in the Banner Riot in the Bulletin Boards. There, Skyler and his brother, Oak, took a side with Rucario trying to keep Avis from changing the banners. This led to more cracks in Skyler, and eventually total snap.

Skyler demoted Avis Cyrus, and then Hollow Abyss. He then went straight to a private IRC Channel with Sableye, Wormow, and Rucario.

However, after this turn of events, Skyler began thinking about what was done. He thought that if the forums did split apart all activity would vanish. Afraid of this, and after some persuasion from Avis, Skyler repromoted Avis and Hollow. The following day Skyler explained to Rucario and Sableye that if they demerged, it was quite possible all the activity would go somewhere else, be it SPPF, PC, or PLF itself. Rucario disagreed, but Sableye agreed.

In the end, Skyler was demoted for his behaviors to Global Moderator, but for private reasons, asked to be just a Moderator. He regained power as Admin on July 31st.