The Tetris Highscores were a series of high scores reached on Tetris, an arcade game on Pokémon Solstice Forums, notable for their contents. However, even the  enumeration of pentominoes is dated to antiquity.


An example of some Tetris Highscores.


Tetris (RussianТетрис, pronounced [ˈtʲetrʲɪs]) is a tile-matching puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union. It was released on June 6, 1984,[2] while he was working for the Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Academy of Science of the USSR in Moscow.[3] He derived its name from the Greek numerical prefix tetra- (all of the game's pieces contain four segments) and tennis, Pajitnov's favorite sport. 


Originally, Tetris was one of the first games implemented when the Arcade function was first introduced to Solstice. Only played by a few (such as Kitetsu and Palcks), Tetris was largely ignored until around Spring of 2011. However, when adapted by Avis Cyrus/Poke Pokey and Bill Gates, Tetris began to be one of the most highly played game in Solstice's arcade. The two played Tetris almost daily. Initially, the Tetris high scores were just expressions of frustration from Poke Pokey and Bill Gates, but with Poop Jokes rising in popularity on the forums and forum-related chats (such as the Solstice Skype Chat) the high scores began to be cluttered with fecal references, as the two were the main players of Tetris. Distressed by lists of so-called "unprofessional" poop jokes being strewn across the Tetris leaderboard, moderator Palcks complained to Hollow Abyss about the scores. He thought that Poke Pokey and Bill Gates should be reprimanded for their immature behaviour. Fueled by this negative feedback, Poke Pokey and Bill Gates continued to flood the Tetris high scores with comments such as "i wish to be shit on in a lavish porta potty" and "smother me with deer poop" at a much higher rate than previous. During Solstice Camp, when Tetris was a featured event for the day, there was concern with the scores seeing more light than they should have, but this was never a true problem for the community itself.