Common Fourm Smileys and What They Mean


Used by octopodable, denoting any smiley face with a mustache or in this case "{" or "}", because of her love for facial hair. It may be used by her friends mostly, but many note it as her signature smiley.

 :x This one is commonly used by Wikipedia, most would think it a bad thing when he uses it, however really it could mean a number of things. It's good when you see this smiley to ignore it and read the sentence itself to derive the meaning in the paticular context.
XD This one is used by many members, it is most commonly used as a substitute to things like "Hahaha", though there are other uses most likely.
:P This smiley is used commonly by many people, to denote a sense of sarcasm, usally following a sarcastic remark or a joke.
:s This isn't commonly used, however instances when it's approprate are rare, it shows confusion, replacing the need to say "I'm Confused."
:/ This smiley is widely used, it shows annoyance, or unhappiness.
B) A smiley commonly used by Sollux, Xenia, Machu, Metta, and Aradia. It can be used behind a joke or sarcastic remark, to show a sign of pride, and, as the "B" looks like black shades, be used after a cool remark or statement.

This one is commonly used by Aradia (Bill Gates) and Xenia to denote suprise or showing sympathy when you say something that needs it.