His naivety was exploited by cunning and conniving users like Skyler and was framed as a perpetrator and a public enemy to form the cover for Skyler's fulfillment of his own contrived agenda. They co-existed for a short while on Nightmare Reincarnate before Rucario retreated to PokeStation forums, inarguably having seen the bleak future that lay ahead for the Skyler regime. He was also half-responsible for the famous July 15th Incident, and played an extreme role in the eventual downfall of Solstice. Notably, the biggest target of #avisism.

Rucario was constantly bumping heads and fighting with Skyler during Solstice v2, often resulting in punishment to both, but more so to Rucario considering his history.

He was banned after flaming numerous members after Solstice v2 was brought back up andfinally locking heads with Solstice v2's staff and joining Neo's "regime," found when Machu Pichu discovered The Pantheon, where Neo poorly hid his plans to destroy Solstice, which never came to light, and both were kicked off the forums and haven't appeared since.