Riataro has been with has been a member of Solstice since the very begining and has been part of PLF since mid 2010. He was attracted to the forums by his cousin, Tobi by Riataro's curiousty of the PLF TRPG.

On April 6, 2010 Riataro joined PLF as Rentoraa. He started off as an active member and quickly became a "TRPG Assistant" (A term made by the staff for the updaters of the TRPG).

Once PLF and PNF merge, Rentoraa quickly helped build the forums in terms of post. Somewhere along the lines he changed his name to Riataro (a named based off a piano player "Ryoutaro" from the anime La Corda d'Oro because this character is straightfoward and honest, much like Riataro himself) With every atempt of PSF to create a working TRPG, Riataro was always one of the first to volunteer to help. Every failed attempt so far Riataro is still persistant in his atempts to rebuild the TRPG. Along the lines Riataro managed to get a non-TRPG related staff position (Moderator). Soon, he resigned along with Apple Juice due to all the drama.

After Summer 2010 Riataro had gone on a long hiatus do to his busy personal life. He sometimes visited the forums posting that he was back for sure, but somehow life seized him yet again. During mid-fall Riataro returned to the forums, assured that this time he was back for good.