The Pokemon Solstice League was a Competitive Pokemon Battling league in which members fight the four Gym Leaders in order to reach an end of season tournament between those who have acquired all four badges.

Solstice League Logo

The winner of this tournament was supposed to then fight all 4 League Testers, and must beat all of them to become the Solstice League Champion. The Solstice League contained "themed" gyms, rather than ones that follow types. The Gyms in the Solstice league were as follows:

Trick Room Gym:

Leader - Apple Juice

Sandstorm Gym:

Leader - Spinosaurus

Toxic Orb Gym:

Leader - Ero-Sennin

Drizzle Gym:

Leader - Purge

In addition to Gym Leaders, the League also has a set of staff and testers.


Machu Pichu - Founder and Coordinator

Metta World Peace - Co-Coordinator

Sollux Captor - Tester

Shiiro - Tester