Pokemon Turquoise

The board index in July 2010

Pokemon Turquoise was founded in August 2007 by Nickman0781, better known today as Chronicler. The boards began with a hype, bringing in plenty of activity. In August 2009, the boards switched over to vBulletin. Currently, there is not much information available regarding Turquoise's past, however, during the summer of 2010, with the help of Skyler, Turquoise merged into Solstice Forums, where former Turquoise staff began establishing a roleplaying forum that was planned to be integrated as a part of the boards.

Of the two administrators from Turquoise, Dragonfire and Chronicler, only Dragonfire played an active role during that summer in establishing the role playing forums. Following various events that plagued the forum, beginning with the July 15th Incident, Dragonfire became increasingly uneasy being a part of the forums, often times expressing his dissent toward the turmoil brewing on an almost daily basis toward mid-August.

Following the closing of Solstice (v1) in September, Turquoise moved back to their ZetaBoards. Following the official demerger, the already numbered community struggled to maintain activity. With the administration absent for prolonged periods, there was little to no progress on the Turquoise role play. Since the demerger, only a handful of members sporadically post on the boards and visit their chatbox.

Up until June 2013, Pokemon Turquoise Forums remained inactive. At first glance, it could have been presumed that the forum was effectively defunct, occasional updates from the administration that occur on a bi-monthly basis, at best, claiming that there is progress on the role play. The forums opened sometime in June 2013, however the activity remains idle at best.

Fun Facts

  • Turquoise was initially powered by InvisionFree, switching to Zetaboards, and now to IPBoards.
  • Turquoise, as well as all of the forums that merged, still maintains its proper domain.