Person Man is a member that joined July 1st, 2010. He joined as THRREWDFYHH, and was inactive for a year, later on June 4th, 2011 he reactivated, posted fifty times, and got his name changed to Person Man. Eventually he reached an Elite rank, and his activity plummeted. He was rarely on, and it seemed that he lost interest. He made a few attempts to come back, before finally giving up when the forums went down.

He left a leaving notice on the temporary forum's Spam Section, which can be summerized by this:

Most of his friends had left (or had been banned), and he felt like Solstice really wasn't a forum he wanted to be active on anymore. He said he was retreating to his old forum, and would not be coming back. Since the forums had crashed, he really saw no need to stay. Most everyone had changed their names, so he could no longer figure out who was who, and he didn't like the new staff line-up. There is little chance he will be coming back, and that you could reach him at


His avatars were mainly based around Ninjas, and all of his themes generally encompassed some sort of ninja. He used to read Homestuck, but has not been keeping up to date as of late. He enjoyed RPing, and now does his RPing time on another forum.