Octopodeable was a member of Solstice v1 and v2. She rose to relevance after becoming friends with

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prominent staff members, such as Hollow Abyss, Adam, and Midnight Mewtwo (she was involved in a romantic relationship with the latter.) Octopodeable was popular amongst members and maintained a friendly, generous demeanor, which at times seemed superficial; annoying and upsetting some of the staff, notably Xiǎo Dre, Bill Gates, and Xenia.

The Position

Octopodeable was billed as the "favorite" amongst a majority of the staff for most Elite Position bids. She was thrown into the voting pool on multiple occaisions, but was often out-favored by members that had contributed more to the forums and had aided in the general commonwealth of the members. After each promotion session went by, with her outcome the same consistently, she made it known to her dear friend, Hollow Abyss, that she felt as if she was being "snubbed" out of her position. Due to the fact that she had strong, almost unbreakable, connections with Hollow Abyss, (along with Brad and Adam, two other notable members of the staff) she was bidded in a 4th Elite election session. This time, her competitors were of less popularity, persay, leaving her window for victory wide open.

The Altercation

Seeing as Octopodeable was not a member of the current staff team, she was not able to witness or see the bids and voting sessions take place. However, due to the fact that she was close with Adam, Hollow, and Brad, she was often given staff-only information, much to the dismay of the actual staff team. (It should be noted that this "sharing of information" voided the staff guidelines, which fueled the anger of the opposing staff members.) During the thread, an argument ensued between Brad and Bill Gates, sided with Xenia. The argument presented by Xenia and Bill was the assumption (although it may be given as fact by some) that Octopodeable was recieving her position based on her friendships and relations with the administration. The bantering went on for a while, with Bill Gates eventually claiming that she was done with the arguement, with Xenia following suit. Hollow Abyss came into the thread towards the end, calling out Xenia and Bill Gates, and maintaining neutrality towards the topic, leaning towards a promotion of Octopodeable. The thread was then closed, and Octo never recieved her Elite position, a potential crack in the friendship group made up of Hollow, Xenia, and Bill Gates.