Metta World Peace, or simply "Metta," was a Moderator at the Pokemon Solstice Forums,his current username hailing from the name NBA Player Ron Artest will soon change his real name to. Metta was first known as Khαlil when he joined PSF, after finding it from a link that former administrator Tobi had in his signature, at a forum Metta was a member of. Metta didn't plan on being active at PSF, at first, but later started posting more, as the Spam Section and prospect of a new community had spurred him on.


Metta World Peace's current avatar.

Becoming a somewhat well-known member around the community, Metta changed his username to Solar Rush. Metta was the first member to be promoted to Elite Membership on new Solstice, after the forum had re-opened on June 4, after a day of maintenance. He then changed his name to Aquapolis and wouldn't go on to change it until August 10th. Metta has made a fair few contributions to PSF, such as helping coordinate the league, referring users who went on to help PSF, and setting up a backup Pokemon Online Server, while the main one was down. Metta mainly posts in Pokemon-related threads, as well as the WAYLT thread and the Spam Section and is regarded as one of the better battlers on the forum.

Along with his good friend Sollux Captor, Metta was promoted to the rank of forum Moderator on August 10th, 2011. The forums he moderated are as follows: Competitive Center, Forum Games, Misc. Generation Discussion, Other Polls, Solstice Pokémon League, Spam Section, Tournaments.