Tendo is a former member of staff. He, like Scathe and Avis Cyrus, was demoted during the Skyler scandal in which a few functional members of the staff team were demoted due to their attitude, lack of moral or just outright trolling. Ivan did partake in trolling, but only did it in an intelligent fashion and strayed far away from the "mindless screaming" type of trolling. Tendo mainly targetted the member of the forum he had a strong dislike for. (Rucario, Apple Juice and on occasion, Scathe). Though he had slain their heads in battle and ominously defeated Rucario in debates endlessly, he was demoted due to his "methods". Tendo did not take lightly to this fiasco and attacked Skyler, defeating him effortlessly in the debate concerning his demotion, and made Skyler generally look bad. (He also forced Skyler to resign after he mocked Skyler). Tendo was once again banned for this and since then we haven't heard of him.

Tendo, however, hasn't always been a troll. He was quite an honorable member back in early 2008 up until late 2009, when he "changed". He served as a moderator for Nightmare Forums from August 2008 until the merge, and then afterward (as an Assistant Administrator) for three months. It's unlikely that he'll change his attitude as he's gotten in with a different crowd of members who all enjoy trolling.

As of early 2011, he's beeen busy with college and rarely posts on Solstice. In late 2011, he regained his postion as a staff member on Solstice, becoming a moderator for the forums.

He also created the Tendo Vs. Apple Juice incident.

Ivan was responsible for the Solstice Apocalypse Incident and is now banned as a result.