The Halloween Incident was an incident that took placed on October 31st, 2011, carried out by Machu Pichu, Metta World Peace, and Scarlet. Their assumed purpose for "attacking" Solstice was their distate for the administration (mostly Avis) and the forums in general. It mostly involved Machu abusing his power as a Global Mod at the time to perma-delete (instead of soft-deleting, that can be undoed. For an example of a soft-deletion incident see: Ivan's Rampage) the entire forums (barring a section only accesible by password). Much drama and unrest was created upon members' discovery of the wiped forum. Following the incident, the forums were closed for a day while Avis Cyrus gained a back-up from Hollow Abyss. The forums were reopened, Scarlet and Metta were banned, and Machu was demoted. Following the closure of Solstice, Machu, Metta, and Scarlet all felt bad about what they did, and apologized to Avis later.