What is this place?

This is the wikia dedicated to Pokémon Solstice Forums. As the forums are no longer in use, or will be open to the public again, this place is used to commemorate Solstice and the drama that happened during its time open. It was created by MaFia Cat in the summer of 2010 and has been in use since.

Who are the editors?

Avis Cyrus, SolsticeWikia, and Bill Gatez. Our identities are rather obvious. We edit this wikia using information from Solstice itself, as we still have access to it.

Why spend time on something like this?

The simple answer is that we want to, we can, and it's a fun way to pass the time. A more intricate answer would be that because Solstice was such a fun part of our time on the internet, we want to keep the memory of Solstice alive, if only for just us. There is also the case of some people saying things about Solstice that just aren't true; we want the Solstice wikian to be the best source on anything Solstice related, and hopefully clear misconceptions about Solstice itself. Is there better ways to spend our time? Of course, but this is a pet project.

How do I contact the staff?

The commenting system is perfectly fine for getting our attention.

Why are all the articles admin locked?

All articles are locked to prevent vandalism and page blanking, which has happened before numerous times.