BoxxyBot is an IRC Text Bot created by the PLF user Machu Pichu for the IRC Channel Avisism.

BoxxyBot currently remains defunct and has not been active on #avisism for months. With the fall of activity on the IRC's, boxxybot became somewhat obsolete. She is probably hanging out in a file on Machu's home computer right now.


In her beginning stages, BoxxyBot was very simple and often had quite a few bugs in her coding since Machu Pichu had no prior coding experience. Text responses were small in number at first, but, with the help of suggestions from Avisism, BoxxyBot soon became a "somewhat decent" chat bot.

When members entered Avisism, BoxxyBot would great them with "HELLO I AM BOXXY, YOU SEE. WELCOME TO THE SEXY PLACE THAT IS AVISISM." She also contained many other comical responses such as "K go fap" when someone would say "brb."

There were also many instances where BoxxyBot would visit the Pokemonsolstice IRC. A certain member, Rucario, even had a secret crush on her/it, even though he despised and was the complete enemy of Avisism. A couple times, Rucario had asked BoxxyBot to marry him, but the response to anyone who asked BoxxyBot to marry her was always "no."

WARNING: Contains some crude language.

[20:42] <Rucario> Boxxy, will you marry me?
[20:42] <%MachuPichu> omgwut
[20:42] <%MachuPichu> that should have worked
[20:42] <Rucario> lolz
[20:42] <~Skyler> avisism
01[20:42] <Boxxy> Avis? I would rape him without hesitation
[20:42] <Rucario> Boxxy, will you marry me?
[20:42] <~Skyler> rape
[20:42] <~Skyler> sex
01[20:42] <Boxxy> *lets Skyler have his way with her*
[20:42] <Avis> blowjob
01[20:42] <Boxxy> * gives Avis a blowjob *
[20:42] <~Skyler> troll
01[20:42] <Boxxy> U IS TROLLIN
[20:42] <~Skyler> blowjob
01[20:42] <Boxxy> * gives Skyler a blowjob *
06[20:42] * Dave falls over
[20:42] <~Skyler> mmm boxxy
01[20:42] <Boxxy> mmmm Skyler
[20:43] <Rucario> Marry me?
[20:43] <Dave> :o)
[20:43] <%MachuPichu> hold on
[20:43] <%MachuPichu> I FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM
[20:43] <Rucario> Boxxy, will you marry me?
[20:43] <%MachuPichu> TRY AGAIN NOW
01[20:43] <Boxxy> *Gets naked*
[20:43] <%MachuPichu> >.>
[20:43] <Avis> BOXXY MARRY ME
01[20:43] <Boxxy> NO Avis
[20:43] <Sir_Sigurd> :(
06[20:43] * Fatale befriends sir_sigurd
[20:43] <Avis> D:
06[20:43] * Dave feels Sir_sigurd
[20:43] <@katy> XD
[20:43] <%MachuPichu> lol dave
[20:43] <Avis> DAVE YOU WHORE
[20:43] <Rucario> Boxxy, will you marry me?
01[20:43] <Boxxy> NO Rucario
[20:43] <Sir_Sigurd> Thanks fatale
[20:43] <Dave> lordy
[20:43] <Fatale> no prob
[20:43] <Sir_Sigurd> thanks dave
[20:43] <Rucario> D:
[20:43] <Dave> my pleasure
[20:44] <@katy> Dave hug Boxxy
06[20:44] * Dave squeezes Boxxy
[20:44] <Avis> oh baby
[20:45] <~Skyler> boxxy dislikes rucario?
[20:45] <Rucario> Rucario x Boxxy
[20:45] <Fatale> Rucario x boxxy? More like Bucario x Roxxy, am I correct?
[20:46] <Sir_Sigurd> yes
[20:46] <@katy> Yeah Fatale
[20:46] <@katy> Rucario, she doesn't return the feelings
[20:46] <Avis> RUCARIO
[20:46] <@katy> and on that not
[20:46] <@katy> blowjob
01[20:46] <Boxxy> * gives katy a blowjob *
[20:46] <Dave> crumbs
06[20:46] * Dave is blown off feet by force of Avis's statement
[20:46] <Avis> GET OVER IT
[20:46] <~Skyler> ^
02[20:46] * Rucario ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)


Since the hatred of Rucario was so great in Avisism, many of BoxxyBot's commands were aimed at him.

[21:17] <Bill_Gates> i left the chat when rucario came in
01[21:17] <@BoxxyBot> * Rucario? He is deff not sexy *

03[20:20] * Rucario ( has joined #avisism
01[20:20] <@Boxxy[incomplete]> Oh, LOOK WHO'S HERE
01[20:20] <@Boxxy[incomplete]> >.>


Because Avisism became an enemy of PSF , the administration there often came into Avisism to make sure we weren't planning anything diabolical (or some crazy shit like that). One evening, Hollow Abyss came in Avisism. We had told the forums that we had no grudges against any one of them, even though we still hated Rucario, but then BoxxyBot let the word slip...

[23:05] <@MachuPichu> Um this is a test
[23:05] <Tendo> And I'm sitting here, high, listening to Ladyhawke.
[23:05] <@MachuPichu> Uh...
[23:05] <@MachuPichu> rucario
01[23:05] <@BoxxyBot> * Rucario? He is deff not sexy *
[23:05] <@MachuPichu> DAMN IT
[23:05] <@Eternal_Hikari> .....
[23:06] <~Avis> i thought we said to remove that command lolol
[23:06] <@MachuPichu> I GOT RID OF IT WTF
[23:06] <@MachuPichu> I DID
[23:06] <Tendo> Well, we tried.
[23:06] <Tendo> Haha.
[23:06] <@MachuPichu> I HAD IT TWICE?
[23:06] <~Avis> lolol


Eventually, BoxxyBot became known as a nuisance. Her dreaded lack of Flood Detection and abusable phrases such as "U IS TROLLIN" caused her downfall and eventual retirement from Avisism

[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> trolltrolltroll
[13:07] <MiniM00se> troll
01[13:07] <Boxxy[incomplete]> U IS TROLLIN
[13:07] <MiniM00se> Heh heh
03[13:07] * BoxxyBot was kicked by Eternal_Hikari (You's Trollin')

So, where is BoxxyBot now?

Well, she's right here on #avisism .