Abigail, commonly known as Abi or Abby, is a member on both Pokemon Solstice Forums and Ever Grande City Forums. She is notable for her alleged marital affiliation with Skyler, and for having an alleged son named Jared. Abi made her first appearance on the forums on May 29, 2011 and made a total of 23 posts before the forums closed; her online activity consisted of lurking the forums.

Solstice v2

Abi's presence on Solstice ceased when Skyler left the forums, specifically requesting that both Abi's and his accounts are disabled. Following their departure from the forums, the administration changed the passwords on both accounts, as requested. Skyler's account, however, was further compromised, with the administration going into his account and reading his private messages, which provided useful insight to some of his erratic behavior on both Solstice v1 and v2. Both accounts were used to lurk the forums and make off-handed posts in the spam section.

Marriage Controversy

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounding the Abi account was whether she even existed. Many members in the community, particularly in the staff team, believed that Skyler set up the Abi account as a duplicate. The idea was not farfetched; Skyler was known for being inconsistent in his words. While the reasoning for why a duplicate 'wife' account was never quite clear, most have concluded that Abi was another attempt by Skyler to prove himself to the online community, that he was becoming established and successful in his personal life.

Abi continues to frequent Ever Grande City Forums to this day.